Paw Wars: The Definitive Guide


You will start off in a city of your choosing with $10000 in starting cash, $1000 in starting savings, and $-10000 in starting debt.

Your debt will compound interest at a rate of 3% per turn. It's a good idea to try and pay off your debt as soon as you can. Debt can only be payed from your savings account, so make sure that you put cash in your savings account if you intend to pay off your debt. Your savings account will also compound at a rate of 1% per turn.

You can also borrow money from the bank if you're running low. There's currently no limit on how much you can borrow. Be careful though, if you borrow too much, you'll have a difficult time repaying it and getting out from under the debt.

Technical Configuration Options: = 10000 = 1000 = 10000 = 0.03 = 0.01