Paw Wars: The Definitive Guide


Items play a critical role in the game. They are the things that you buy and sell to make money. They are listed below along with their stats and properties.

  • ID: This is the internal identification for this specific item.
  • Description: This is the description for this item.
  • Rarity: This is the rarity of the item. It's used to generate pricing information and also unit availability.


  • ID: catnip
  • Description: A magical green plant that makes cats chill and murderous at the same time.
  • Rarity: 30

Scratching Post

  • ID: scratching_post
  • Description: A tall post wrapped in sisal, and begging to be ripped to shreds.
  • Rarity: 65

Toy Mouse

  • ID: toy_mouse
  • Description: A small toy mouse that looks real enough to fool cats into murdering it.
  • Rarity: 10

Toy Bird

  • ID: toy_bird
  • Description: A collection of feathers and cloth on a stick made for chasing and pouncing.
  • Rarity: 15

Canned Food

  • ID: canned_food
  • Description: Smells like a fish market in the sun on a hot day and tastes like it smells. Delicious.
  • Rarity: 25

Laser Pointer

  • ID: laser_pointer
  • Description: A magic tube that summons the unkillable foe known as 'The Red Dot'.
  • Rarity: 80


  • ID: yarn
  • Description: Tangles of cloth snakes begging to be killed
  • Rarity: 5


  • ID: brush
  • Description: A wooden handle with boar bristles in it. Wonderfully rough and great for rubbing against.
  • Rarity: 20

Cat Tree

  • ID: cat_tree
  • Description: A huge contraption in a tiny box. Unfolds into an artificial tree for perching and resting.
  • Rarity: 90

Saucer of Milk

  • ID: saucer_of_milk
  • Description: A dish filled with cow's milk. A favorite of discerning cats everywhere.
  • Rarity: 2

Cat Litter

  • ID: cat_litter
  • Description: A bucket full of fine sand, clay, and a fresh scent that you can't quite place. Wonderful for defecating.
  • Rarity: 40

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