This is the obituary for the late Sexual Mole

Sexual Mole started off life in United States of America and lived 90 turns before dying in United States of America. They died of old age.

Trip Memories

I didn't think day 53 would be very exciting, but it certainly was. On the way back from the hotel today in United States of America, things were really wild. I found some cat who gave me a bunch of contraband. I decided I had enough excitement for the day and stayed inside the rest of the day. Browsed through some matches on Swattr and set up a date for later in the week. I'm a sucker for a tabby. I laid in bed that night and thought about my trip so far.

We found a small bit of Sexual Mole's notebook, here it is.

Health Report

Before Sexual Mole died, they were feeling not so great.

Financial Report

Sexual Mole died with $3548 in cash on them and had $302157 sitting in the bank. They were in good standing with the bank and didn't have any debt when they died.

Stash Report

Sexual Mole had 160 units of contraband in their stash when they died. They were carrying an upgraded stash that was capable of carrying 160 units of contraband. It was clear they put some effort into it.

Police Report

17 national police agencies were aware of them. Some of them issued star ratings on this cat. United States of America issued a 9 rating, Japan had a rating of 3 stars, and China rated them 3 stars.