This is the obituary for the late snollygolly

snollygolly started off life in Mexico and lived 71 turns before dying in Japan. They died hissing at the police.

Trip Memories

Time flies when you're smuggling! It's day 26 already and it feels like hardly any time has passed. I popped into the bank to withdraw $-21000, but as I was leaving the guard dog stopped me and ask if I dropped some money. He pointed to a pile on the ground and after a brief deliberation, I told him it wasn't mine. I was kicking myself for not taking advantage of it, but after I left, I found a coupon for a free ice cream. Being honest has its advantages. Besides, I can always just go steal it later. I laid in bed that night and thought about my trip so far.

We found a small bit of snollygolly's notebook, here it is.

Health Report

Before snollygolly died, they were feeling near death.

Financial Report

snollygolly died with $1104 in cash on them and had $306401 sitting in the bank. They were in good standing with the bank and didn't have any debt when they died.

Stash Report

snollygolly had 210 units of contraband in their stash when they died. They were carrying a very modern stash that was capable of carrying 210 units of contraband. The level of engineering put into their stash was seriously impressive.

Police Report

18 national police agencies were aware of them. Some of them issued star ratings on this cat. Egypt issued a 3 rating, Japan had a rating of 3 stars, and Turkey rated them 2 stars.